The Festival


Since 2007, the idyllic town of Eckernförde on the Baltic coast hosts the International Wildlife Film Festival GREEN SCREEN each year in September. Meanwhile, it has grown to become the largest wildlife film festival in Europe.

In 2018, 20 600 visitors saw more than one hundred spectacular nature related films Counting all events over the year, GREEN SCREEN reached an audience of 30.000.

GREEN SCREEN has established itself as an international meeting place for natural history filmmakers and offers a unique symbiosis to both professionals and public viewers: In a familiar and casual atmosphere, moviegoers can ask questions and give feedback to attending filmmakers who receive more than just audience ratings: here, they are able to experience the viewer's reactions to their productions first hand as well as meet and do business with numerous international filmmakers, producers and many broadcasting commissioners.

The five day-festival program includes numerous premieres at different venues, an official opening and glamorous awards ceremony as well as seminars and workshops for professionals.

Hundreds of productions are submitted each year and must convince both the pre-jury and the prize- jury in order to win one of the 16 awards and take home the coveted trophies made of Baltic sand from Eckernförde.

GREEN SCREEN has realized that the conservation of species in a healthy environment can only succeed if people not only see the beauty of nature but also understand its growing endangerment and finds that film is a great medium to transport these themes.

From the beginning, GREEN SCREEN is also highly committed to supporting youth education. In 2018alone,  3 300 students watched various wildlife films and enjoyed the opportunity to discuss with the filmmakers.