David Allen


David Allen runs Passion Planet specialising in science and natural history productions for landmark television and theatrical release documentaries. He has five documentary Emmy’s to his name and eight Wildscreen Panda awards. His credits include one-off productions such as The Octopus In My House, The Lost Elephants of Timbuktu, Titus The Gorilla King, Crocodiles of the Pharaohs, and My Life as a Turkey which won David his fourth Emmy and the coveted best of festival Golden Panda at Wildscreen. As a Series Producer David masterminded the multi award winning series Bug World, ITV’s Deep Jungle, and PBS/National Geographic's Earth: A New Wild. Recent productions include a 3-part series on the water crisis entitled H20 - The Molecule that Made Us and Emmy-award winning The Serengeti Rules, a feature documentary on how nature works, and why it matters.

Audience Award Best Short Film 2021
Titus: The Gorilla King
Best Story 2009