Cihan Çekiç

Country: Türkei

I graduated from Marmara University Communication Faculty in 2002. While studying , I started to workn forTRT- Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (the national public broadcaster of Turkey). In TRT, I assisted some master directors İncluding Fatih Orbay who is the first wildlife documentary director of Turkey) and I headed for this area.
In 2007, I started to work for channel 24 which was a news channel in Turkey. I produced and directed the program ‘‘Cry of Nature’’ which covered global climate change and its effect for 2 years.
In 2010, I started to work for NTV news channel. In NTV, I directed some documentaries such as Tarih Avcıları, Zaman Yolcusu, Kaşif, İstiklal Yolu and Zafer Yolu. At the same time, I worked on independen documentary films about nature and wildlife of Turkey. “Little Residents Of The Big City” (Büyük Şehrin Küçük Sakinleri) is my recent project, and it’s about flora and fauna of the city of Istanbul and it is is supported by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.