Carl A. Fechner

Country: Deutschland

Carl-A. Fechner (born 1953) holds a graduate degree in education and is a journalist, filmmaker and producer. After two years of managing the travelling theatre Berliner Compagnie, he went on a short-term assignment as foreign correspondent for German public broadcaster ARD. Then in 1989 he founded fechnerMEDIA GmbH as a managing partner. For 25 years now, Fechner's company has been showing „VorBilder zu nachhaltigem Handeln“ (i.e. Good Examples of Sustainable Action) in a multitude of internationally awarded documentaries, publicity campaigns and crossmedia projects. Fechner made more than 50 documentary films, reports and features, mostly for television, and over 30 image and information films in Germany and abroad. Then, in 2010 he made his movie theatre debut with THE FOURTH REVOLUTION: ENERGY. The original, DIE 4. REVOLUTION, was the most successful big-screen documentary in Germany in 2010 and has been translated into 28 languages. His second full-length documentary film POWER TO CHANGE - THE ENERGY REBELLION will be released in spring of 2016. Carl-A. Fechner lives in Baden- Württemberg with his wife and two children.