Jean-Paul Grossin


Jean-Paul Grossin

Jean-Paul Grossin, director and scriptwriter, 53 years old, Chief editor for 17 years (1980-1996)
Also during this period: production assistant of Laurent Charbonnier for documentaries, of which for example:
- “Tant qu’il y aura des cerfs” (“As long as there will be deers”)
- “La riviere de Loire (“The River of the Loire”)
Author of different books, such as:
- Chambord, Patrimoines exceptionnels” (“Chambord castle, exceptional heritages), 2005
- “L’ Anthology du cerf” (“The anthology of the red deer”, 1993 , prize.winner of Academie Francaise (French Academy) and of Jacques Lacroix

Director since 1997, for example:
- “Le Trombinocerf”, 2005
- “Le Cineaste la Nature”, 2002

The Secret World of the Red Deer
Best Score 2009