Jérôme Julienne


Jérôme Julienne is a writer-director who specializes in marine and underwater films. After studying cinema, he joined Jacques Cousteau’s crew as an underwater cameraman and assistant director on 14 films. Then he worked as a screenwriter and director for Canal+ on the “Dans la Nature and Aqua” series. Since then, he has written around 50 programs and directed more than 25 international films for leading French broadcasters in coproduction with Discovery, PBS, and Radio Canada. His most recent films include “Aliens of the Deep Sea” (52’ France 3 Thalassa, Canal D Canada) and “Vacarme en haute mer” (52’ France 2). Along with Andy Byatt and John Jackson, he co-wrote the 3x52’ 3D series “Hurricane The Anatomy” (ARTE/3net). He recently wrote and directed “Conversations with Dolphins” (65’ France 3 Thalassa – CBC Canada “Nature of Things”), and “Cuba, Paradise on the Brink” (2x52’ ARTE).