Moritz Katz


Moritz Katz, Joshua Mayo

Moritz was born in 1984 in Germany. From an early age he explored the countryside of Germany and later exotic places around the world. Upon graduating high school, he spent one year in India for social work on an eco-farm. Excited by the tropical climate, the vivid culture and the stunning wildlife, he decided to study biology upon his return to Germany.
In 2011, he majored in tropical ecology at the University of Würzburg, which allowed him to do fieldwork in Costa Rica and Tanzania. This further nurtured his ambition to photograph and document the stunning wildlife of tropical countries.
With a university degree in hand, he was forced to make a decision on which career path to follow, research or wildlife filmmaking. He chose to follow his dream - wildlife filmmaking. In 2013, Moritz was accepted into a Master's degree at the University of Otago, New Zealand and learnt the art of filmmaking from some of the best in the field.

Realm of the Robber
Best Cinematography 2019 Award of the Juvenile Jury 2019
Best Independent Production 2015