René Kirschey

Country: Deutschland

René was born in 1966 in Berlin. He finished high school and his professional training in Neubrandenburg. In 1986.
From 1988 until 1985 he worked at the theatre in Anklam in acting, directing and techical director.
In 1995 he started as editor for several TV stations: VOX, ORB, DW, MDR, RTL, VIVA, Pro, NDR
Since 1997 he works mainly as scientific journalist for serials like: “Einsteins Erben”, SFB / “Galileo”, Pro7 / “ARD Ratgeber Gesundheit”, SFB / “Quivive”, SFB / “nano” ZDF-3sat / “scobel” ZDF-3sat / Wirtschaftsmagazin “makro” ZDF-3sat