Thomas Lischak


Turning curiosity into a profession - Thomas Lischak, born in 1978, is one of the lucky ones who has succeeded in doing so.
Whether deep sea or mud flats, jungle or high mountains - for more than 20 years he has been instrumental as a writer and director in productions all over the world.

In terms of content, Thomas is a convinced generalist. His topics range from nature and science to social politics and history.
He is always interested in the big picture that shapes life on our planet.

Thomas specializes in moving images and stories for the highest-reach slots on German TV. In the past five years alone, he has conceived and produced 20 primetime documentaries for ZDF and other national and international channels.

Knowledge is fun, is Thomas' motto, because it opens up new perspectives and new possibilities. That's why his mission is to infect as many people as possible with this joy. Because, as he has learned from his travels and conversations all over the world: for a good future, humanity must leave familiar paths and resolutely tread new paths.

Faszination Wasser - Geheimnisvolle Ostsee
Nordic Nature Film Award 2022