Karlo Malmedie

Country: Deutschland

Karlo Malmedie, born 1953 in Bonn, journalist; has worked as writer, director and producer on numerous documentaries for ZDF and other German TV stations since 1979. Karlo Malmedie lives in Hamburg. Many of his multi-episode productions have received prizes. "Lebensträume" (i.e. Lifetime Dreams), "Die Reise der Störche" (i.e. The Journey of the Storks), "Die Todesfahrt des ICE 884" (i.e. ICE 884: The Fatal Ride), " Reich und Obdachlos" (i.e. Rich and Homeless). Among them: Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis, Ernst Schneider Award for outstanding economic film productions, Deutscher Naturfilmpreis, nomination for Deutscher Fernsehpreis.

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Award of the Juvenile Jury 2013