Cees van Kempen

Country: Niederlande

Cees van Kempen (1963) is founder of Ispida Wildlife Productions. He graduated as Master of Science at the University of Delft and worked as a civil engineer and management consultant in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Indonesia and The Netherlands. Meanwhile he has gone on to develop his passion for filming. As an amateur he created some short films, finding out he not only had the passion but also the talent for this profession. Presenting a showreel at Wildscreen 2012 resulted in several offerings of leading international wildlife production companies. In 2013 however he secured commissioning for the independent production of a high end three episode series for Dutch public television. He then handed over his consultancy company to become a fulltime wildlife filmmaker and to start Ispida Wildlife Productions.

2007: amateur ‘handycam’ production of a travel documentary
2009: amateur ‘handycam’ production of first nature movie about Kingfisher
2014 – career switch
2013 – 2015 : first professional production of three episode series RETURNING for Dutch public television and international distribution