360° GEO Report: Bird Island - lonesome amongst Penguins

There's no other space that populated as Bird Island - at least by penguins, seabirds and seals. Only very few people are allowed to set foot on this subantarctic animal kingdom to stay 1 1/2 years in the small research station British Antarctic Survey.


Director: Ines Possemeyer

Author Ines Possemeyer was born in 1968 in the German town of Ibbenbühren.
Even before finishing her journalism studies at Hamburg's Henri-Nannen-School and an M.A. at Hamburg University in 1998, she had been active as a freelance television author since 1993. And since 1999, the multi-award winning journalist has been working as a scientific editor for GEO magazine. She has been awarded the Heureka Journalist's Prize, the Media Award from the German Hygiene Museum, the RWTH-Prize for Scientific Journalism as well as other prizes, for example from the European Parlament and the international NGO „German Foundation for World Population”.
2014 she was among the top ranking entries for the Hansel-Mieth journalism prize.
Filmography (selection)
Rattenjagd im Südpolarmeer, i.e. Hunting Rats in the Southern Ocean (2013, ARTE, 52min)
Die Rettung der Pinguin-Insel, i.e. Rescuing the Penguins' Island (2011, BR, 43min)
Sokotra - Schatzinsel in Gefahr, i.e. Socotra- Treasure Island in Danger (2009, ARTE, 52min)
Die Krabbenflut, i.e. The Crab Flood (2007, 52min), ARTE

Germany Georgia
52 Min.
Director: Ines Possemeyer
Script: Ines Possemeyer
Cinematography: Roland Gockel
Editing: Wolfgang Hemmann
Music: Florian De Gelmini
Narrator: Max Volkert Martens
Editor: Antoinette Koering/ Arte
Producer: Medienkontor Movie GmbH