Abtauchen in der Seegraswiese

Pia und die wilde Natur

Pia explores a seagrass meadow on the coast of Italy - an exciting habitat that most people hardly notice. Yet it is known as the "nursery of the sea" and is enormously important for the protection of coasts and the climate. Above and below the water, Pia takes a close look at a wide variety of creatures that specialize in life in the seagrass thicket. In the process, she discovers how closely the animals here are interwoven and how they can be protected in the future.

This film is shown in double feature 6.


Director: Katja Schübl

Katja Schübl began her career as a TV journalist, then switched focus to PR and image films and, despite her great love of nature, only found her way to animal films after around 15 years of professional experience. She lived in both the United States and Europe from a young age and feels at home in both cultures. She particularly enjoys projects that explain complex conservation issues simply and thus make them accessible to a large audience.

Germany Italy
24 Min.
Director: Katja Schübl
Script: Katja Schübl
Cinematography: Nikolai Ritzkowsky
Editing: Christoph Heimerl
Music: Manuel Weber & Benni Freibott
Narrator: Pia Amofa-Antwi
Editor: Stefanie Baumann/BR
Producer: Robert Sigl/Text und Bild Medienproduktion
Website URL: www.textundbild.de