Anna und die wilde Hilde - Im Sturzflug

On the North Sea, Anna rescues a young, motherless seal - wild Hilde. She accompanies the rearing of the seal and experiences wild adventures. Anna's wild Hilde is weighed: will she crack the important 25-kilo mark? Anna also gets to know Germany's largest predator at the seal station. On Helgoland, she photographs grey seals in the wild. During a garbage monitoring mission, she cleans up a beach full of plastic. The dangerous stuff also threatens the beautiful deep-sea birds.


Director: Ben Wolter

25 Min.
Director: Ben Wolter
Script: Ben Wolter
Cinematography: Oliver Kratz
Editing: Christoph Heimerl
Music: Manuel Weber & Benni Freibott
Narrator: Annika Preil
Editor: Stefanie Baumann (BR) & Tina Petersen (BR)
Producer: Text und Bild Medienproduktion GmbH und Co.KG
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