Benjamin and the Bathunters (Benjamin ja lepakonetsijät)

Finnish wildlife photographer Benjamin Pöntinen discovers the hidden world of bats with the help of experts across Finland and Estonia. These enthusiastic, but sometimes eccentric “bat-hunters” allow Benjamin to see these shadowy night fliers in a new, more positive light. Benjamin´s quirky bat quests take him to vast underground mines, ancient castles and decaying mansion houses.


Director: Nick Upton

Nick Upton has been researching, directing, writing and producing wildlife/animal-human interaction films for a wide variety of broadcasters in Europe/ USA/ Asia since 1987. Leaving zoological research, his TV career began in 1987 at the BBC as Series researcher/ Assistant Producer on David Attenborough´s “Trial of Life” series. From 1991-2001 he was producer/ Head of Natural History at Green Umbrella Ltd. Making wildlife films for the BBC, National Geographic TV and many public serviced broadcasters in the USA and Europe.

50 Min.
Director: Nick Upton
Cinematography: Benjamin Pöntinin, Maj Lundell, Seppo Louhi, Erkko Lyytinen, Magnus Malm
Editing: Liisa Vartiainen
Music: BMG Zomba
Narrator: Benjamin Pöntinen