Andreas Kieling - Mitten im wilden Deutschland: Vom Dreiländereck ins Coburgerland

Kieling - Expeditionen zu den Letzten ihrer Art

From Hof to the Baltic Sea, Andreas Kieling, one of the best known Germany wildlife filmmakers, hikes along the former border between East and West Germany, to discover the nature, the landscape and the people that live along the border.

If you're crossing the former separation line between East and West, you're often looking for the last remains of the fact that Germany used to be two states. In appearance they have almost no differences; the border has vanished in many places and instead there's blossoming a landscape, a 'green belt' of German nature. The 'green belt of life' wears this name rightly, a chain of 150 nature reservations built along the former border between East and West today - a retreat for many amazing kinds of animals and plants that are found rarely in the rest of Germany.


Andreas hikes across the republic and discovers forgotten landscapes of breathtaking beauty and fascinating characters that live there. Witness a momentary record of German nature and a fresh and unprejudiced look on the Germany of today.



Director: Ralf Blasius

Ralf Blasius († 2019) was a freelance TV producer, director and author. With his partner Wolfram Giese he headed the international production company “K22 Media” in Mainz. Originally a biologist and historian of science, Ralf Blasius worked many years as an editor at ZDF for well-known series such as “Abenteuer Forschung” (i.e. Science Adventures), “Wunderbare Welt” (i.e. World of Wonders) and “Terra X”. He was involved in the production of several award-winning science and nature documentaries.

Director: Michael Gärtner

Michael Gärtner - geboren 1967, arbeitet seit mehr als 20 Jahren als Drehbuchautor und Filmemacher. Neben Naturfilmen wie „Baobab – Gigant der Savanne“, „Ginkgo – Odyssee eines Wunderbaums“ und „Löwenalarm“, der für das Filmfestival „Naturvision“ nominiert war, hat er auch die erfolgreiche 5-teilige Reihe „Andreas Kieling – mitten im wilden Deutschland“ für Arte und das ZDF realisiert und war als Autor an der Reihe „Inseln der Zukunft“ beteiligt. (2018)

43 Min.
Director: Ralf Blasius, Michael Gärtner
Script: Ralf Blasius
Cinematography: Frank Gutsche
Editing: Lodur Tettenborn
Music: Audio Network
Narrator: Hans Mittermueller
Editor: Dr. Renate Marel, Petra Boden
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