Beasts of the Big Big Blue

Immerse yourself in the wild and wonderful world of the southern Pacific Ocean. Travel from the Cook Islands to the Antarctic seas and encounter amazing creatures along the way, from tiny argonauts to manta rays the size of busses to huge humpback whales.


Director: Judith Curran

Since joining internationally renowned factual production company NHNZ Worldwide in 2001, Judith Curran has been the driving force behind a diverse range of high profile, multiple award-winning series, and specials for many international networks. In recent times Judith has been EP and Show Runner on the award-winning Orangutan Jungle School Seasons #1 and #2 (20 x 1 hours for Love Nature, plus 6 episodes for Channel 4), and is EP and Show Runner on Seasons #1 and #2 of Our Big Blue Backyard (12 hours blue chip underwater/wildlife) for TVNZ and multiple global territories.

New Zealand
50 Min.
Director: Judith Curran
Script: Judith Curran
Editing: Josie Haines
Narrator: Rachel House
Producer: NHNZ Worldwide