Chainsaw Massacre

The Environmental Investigation Agency goes undercover once more as they head to Vietnam for an investigation into the illegal timber trade. Vietnam is fast becoming a major global player in the timber industry but with little forest left of its own, EIA suspect that this timber is being taken illegally from South East Asia's rapidly declining tropical rainforests. It's a high-risk investigation but EIA will stop at nothing to expose this devastating environmental crime.


Director: James M. Levelle

Before teaming up with Red Earth Studio to direct Chainsaw Massacre and the award-winning Inside The Tiger Trade for National Geographic Channel, James worked with international charities and NGOs, capturing on film deadly pirate fishing in Sierra Leone, gruesome illegal wildlife trade in Asia and brutal child labour in India’s cotton fields. James strives to connect viewers to global issues by telling engaging stories in the most dramatic and engrossing way possible.

United Kingdom
50 Min.
Director: James M. Levelle
Script: James M. Levelle
Cinematography: Adam Docker
Narrator: John Shrapnel