Calls from the Kalahari - The Language of the Meerkat

Expert, Prof. Dr. Marta Manser studied the behaviour and the language of the meerkat. These creatures live in clans in the Kalahari in Africa. Their motto is: all for one and one for all! Some look for food, others stand guard. If he scents danger, he calls. Meerkats then stand together against enemies: if they are attacked from above, they disappear immediately, if other meerkats attack, they group together, hopping around in a kind of war dance.


Director: Christian Herrmann

Born on March 30th 1957 in Berlin. Studied 1978-1983, graduating with Master of Arts in communication sciences, politics and psychology. 1983-1985: Press officer at the American Consulate General in Munich. 1985-1987: Press officer at Munich International Trade Fairs. Since 1987: freelancer/ permanent author and producer at Bavarian broadcaster BR. 1989-1993: lecturer at the Institute for Communication Sciences at the LMU Munich. Since 2013 production manager of the ‚Animals and Nature‘ desk of Bayrischer Rundfunk
Udo A. Zimmermann studied German language and literature, sociology and geography. He was a research assistant at Munich University and visiting student at the University of Television and Film (HFF Munich). As editor and author for numerous wildlife and conservation series, he gained experience while shooting films in many remote corners of the world. 2005 - 2015, he heads the editorial department Wildlife and Nature, thus being responsible for nature and wildlife series at BR

30 Min.
Director: Christian Herrmann
Script: Christian Herrmann
Cinematography: Birgit Kruschwitz, Tim Horne (Assistenz)
Editing: Birgit Sahin
Music: Andreas Suttner
Narrator: Detlef Kügow
Editor: Udo A. Zimmermann
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2009