Crime Scene Rainforest: Undercover against the Woodmafia

Illegally timbered on Madagascar, sold to Chinese and German violinmakers who pretend not to know about where the wood comes from. The film follows the clandestine paths of looters and traders.

Director: Michaela Kirst

Michaela Kirst, born June 7, 1970
After graduating from high school, completing an apprenticeship as a bookseller, and gender studies at the University of Toulouse, she attended a programme for young journalists with a scholarship from the Franco-German Youth Office in 1997. She then obtained a Master's degree in medieval and modern history, psychology and German language and literature at the University of Cologne, completed several traineeships in television and studied directing at the New York Film Academy. Since 1992, she has gained much professional experience as assistant producer and assistant director. Her filmography includes, among others, documentaries and news reports for AZ-Media TV, WDR and arte.

52 Min.
Director: Michaela Kirst
Script: Michaela Kirst
Cinematography: Kakub Bejnarowicz
Editing: Marc Haenecke
Music: Matthias Petsche
Narrator: Claudia Burges
Editor: Thomas Kamp, Barbara Schmitz
Nominations: GREEN REPORT 2012