Drehkreuz Rieselfelder - Vogelparadies im Herzen Europas

In the middle of Germany's cultivated landscape lies a mysterious water wilderness. A hub of bird migration and home to amazing wildlife. The film shows the Rieselfelder European Reserve in all its diversity and tells the extraordinary story of a man-made natural paradise - the transformation from a sewage treatment area to a sanctuary for endangered animals. A unique symbiosis of human civilization and wild nature.


Director: Max Meis

Max Meis was born in Münster (Westphalia) in 1986. After graduating from high school in Bielefeld, he lived in South Africa for two years. There, Max worked in a facility for the disabled and for Lufthansa in Cape Town. At the University of Münster, Max earned a bachelor's degree in German Studies and Cultural and Social Anthropology in 2013. During his studies he already worked in the television archive of WDR and produced his first independent documentaries. Since 2014, Max has been a freelance journalist at WDR and runs his own production company DOWNSIDEUP Film.

Director: Christian Baumeister

The multiple award-winning cameraman and director Christian Baumeister (* 1971) is one of the best animal and nature filmmakers in Germany. It stands for breathtaking landscapes, detailed animal portraits and a perfect composition. After completing his studies in biology, he studied animal film. In 2001 he founded the production company Light & Shadow based in Münster. His film projects have taken him all over the world, where many films and some country-wide glossy animal film series have been created. His three-part series "The Andes - Nature at the Limit" was nominated for 2 Emmys in the USA.

43 Min.
Director: Max Meis, Christian Baumeister
Script: Christian Baumeister, Max Meis
Cinematography: Philipp Klein, Christian Baumeister, Jakobus von der Heyden
Editing: Christina Hackl
Music: Christian Heschl
Narrator: Valerie Niehaus
Editor: Klaus Kunde-Neimöth (WDR), Christian Cools (Arte)
Producer: Christian Baumeister (Light & Shadow GmbH)
Website URL: www.lightandshadow.tv