Expedition Deutschland - Das Vermächtnis der Steine: Der Norden

Geologist Colin Devey embarks on a thrilling hike from North to South through key geological German regions. With the help of fascinating 3D animations, he reveals geological connections that still have a strong influence on our modern life today. In stones and landscapes, Colin Devey deciphers ancient traces only visible to an insider. They tell him about the formation of commodities and radical geological events – ice ages, deserts, rivers and oceans, formation of mountains and volcanic activities.


Director: Ole Gurr

Ole Gurr is a freelance writer and director. Since 2013, the studied cultural anthropologist, in collaboration with production companies such as k22Film and Off the Fence, has realized award-winning projects. realized. His focus is on the development of exciting stories and their creative realization in nature and science film.

43 Min.
Director: Ole Gurr
Script: Ole Gurr, Mona Haffner
Cinematography: Ricardo Garzon, Jan Hennemann
Editing: Lodur Tettenborn
Narrator: Tobias Kluckert
Editor: Jens Monath (ZDF)
Producer: Wolfram Giese (k22Film)
Awards: Best Postproduction 2022
Nominations: Best Postproduction 2022
Website URL: https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/terra-x/expedition-deutschland-das-vermaechtnis-der-steine-deutschlands-norden-100.html