Expedition Europe - Birth of a Continent

The old European Continent from the wild Scottish Coast to the extraordinary vastness of the Ural. Join the quest of geologist Colin Devey and be part of his fascinating journey through the natural history of a mysterious continent.

Director: Ralf Blasius

Ralf Blasius († 2019) was a freelance TV producer, director and author. With his partner Wolfram Giese he headed the international production company “K22 Media” in Mainz. Originally a biologist and historian of science, Ralf Blasius worked many years as an editor at ZDF for well-known series such as “Abenteuer Forschung” (i.e. Science Adventures), “Wunderbare Welt” (i.e. World of Wonders) and “Terra X”. He was involved in the production of several award-winning science and nature documentaries.

Germany Iceland Spain
43 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Ralf Blasius
Script: Ralf Blasius
Cinematography: Ricardo Esteban Garzon Mesa
Editing: Lodur Tettenborn
Music: Jörg Magnus Pfeil
Narrator: Constantin von Westphalen
Editor: Dr. Renate Marel ZDF
Producer: K22 Filmproduktion
Nominations: Best Postproduction 2019
Website URL: www.k22film.de