Extremes Wetter

Was kommt da auf uns zu?

Actually, there's nothing against persistently beautiful summer weather. And nothing against a few rainy days either. But more and more often, summer days are turning into droughts. And falling rains are turning into flood disasters. Weather has become more extreme, even in the Southwest. What is in store for us? Despite all the gloomy forecasts: there have long been initiatives and solutions to combat the causes of extreme weather. The film presents examples of how its dangers can be defused.


Director: Christoph Würzburger

44 Min.
Director: Christoph Würzburger
Script: Christoph Würzburger
Cinematography: Ralf Gemmecke
Editing: Frank Rosam
Narrator: Elke Schützhold
Editor: Thomas Michel, Hans-Michael Kassel (SWR)
Producer: SWR