Human and Sea

Through the stories of the three protagonists, we learn the importance of environmental justice and the ethic of life. The protagonists include a woman diver, who harvests seaweed in the intertidal zone, an Orchid Island fisherman, who freedives and spears fish and a diving instructor, who voluntarily cleans the sea. Using their excellent diving skills, how will they accomplish their missions?


Director: Tseng Hsun-yi

Director: Yang Shou-yi

Directors Yang Shou-yi and Tseng Hsun-yi are long-term collaborators. They have worked as director and cameraman on several Discovery documentaries. In recent years, they devote themselves to independent documentary production and marine life photography.

46 Min.
Director: Tseng Hsun-yi, Yang Shou-yi
Script: Chen Ya-mei / Tsai Hsin-chi
Cinematography: Tseng Hsun-yi/ Yang Shou-yi/ Chou Chun-ting /Lin Chia-chih /Hu Chao-lun
Editing: Lin Chih-ching
Music: Yang Wan-chien
Editor: Hakka TV