In the Realm of the Spider-tailed Viper

The Spider-tailed horned viper, is the world’s most evolved viper. No other viper in the world has a tail structure as evolved as this one.


On the journey to discover this snake, our production team met up with a farmer named Mahmoud, and sought his help to find the rare viper. During the making of this documentary, some strange things happened! and the destiny of Mahmoud changed!

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Director: Fathollah Amiri

Born in 1981, Iran
Producer & Director

* M.A in Broadcasting Production from IRIB’s University
* Member of the Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association
* Member of the Iranian Documentary Producers Association

39 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Fathollah Amiri
Script: Fathollah Amiri
Cinematography: Mahmoud Mansouri - Nima Asgari
Editing: Majid Mohammaddoust
Music: Babak Mirzakhani
Producer: Mohammad Ala
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