Jewels of the Alps - Italy’s Great Lakes: Lake Como

Among the Upper Italian lakes, it is considered the most dazzling: Lake Como. George Clooney and other celebrities reside in the multi-million dollar villas with lake access. But Lake Como has much more to offer. This episode of the series "Beyond the Alps" shows it from its wild side, reveals its importance as a habitat for animals and plants, and introduces people whose lives are closely interwoven with this natural space.


Director: Mi-Yong Brehm

Mi-Yong Brehm, Producer/Writer at Marco Polo Film AG.

After completing her studies in Heidelberg, Mi-Yong Brehm completed a radio traineeship. After an internship at ZDF (History/Society, Tabaluga Tivi and Online) and several years of freelance work in print, radio and television, she began working as a producer at Gero von Boehm's film production company Interscience Film in 2004. There she was jointly responsible for numerous productions, including the Terra-X documentaries "Unterwegs in der Weltgeschichte mit Hape Kerkeling" or "Zwischen den Fronten" with Peter Scholl-Latour, as well as for the talk shows "Gero von Boehm begegnet..." (3Sat) and "Paris-Berlin" (Arte). Since 2011 she has been working for Marco Polo Film AG as a producer, editor and writer. Among others, she was involved in the films "Jenseits der Alpen" (5 parts ZDF/Arte), "Wunderwelt Schweiz" (4 parts SRF/3sat), "Karussell des Lebens - Die Streuobstwiese" (BR/Arte), "Frühlingswelten" (WDR) and "Eisbärensommer" (WDR/Smithsonian Networks).

52 Min.
Director: Mi-Yong Brehm
Script: Mi-Yong Brehm
Cinematography: Giuseppe Bucciarelli, Ricardo Garzón M., Luana Knipfer, Klaus Scheurich
Editing: Andreas Tiletzek
Music: Sebastian Haßler
Narrator: Eva Mattes
Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger (ZDF/Arte)
Producer: Annette Scheurich (Marco Polo Film AG)
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