planet e.: Sauschlau

Die unbekannte Welt der Schweine

Pigs and humans can communicate with one other. Each pig has its own personality. The bristly animals can even retrieve newspapers and hang laundry. While dogs are considered lovable and smart as companions of humans, pigs have no lobby. Yet a study by Budapest behavioral scientists has proven that compared to dogs they are the more adept problem solvers. Other pig experts attest to the animals' highly developed social lives.

This film is shown in the double feature 1.


Director: Julian Prahl

since 2013
e-dok TV GbR, mainly ZDF (planet e, Frontal21) and NDR (45MIN)

since 2010
Author for the department "Reportage & Dokumentation" at NDR ("die reportage", "45MIN") and for the NDR science magazine "W wie Wissen".

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1995 to 1997
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Germany Hungary
30 Min.
Director: Julian Prahl
Script: Julian Prahl
Cinematography: Julian Ringer, Riccardo Giese
Editing: Ben Jakobs, Julian Ringer
Music: ----
Narrator: Heiko Grauel
Editor: Martin Ordolff, Volker Angres
Producer: Marion Weppler, Sigrid Beck (ZDF)
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