Raue Welten - Wilde Schönheiten: Bosnien&Herzegovina

The Balkan Peninsula forms the geographical border between the Occident and the Orient. In fact, it is a treasure trove of ecological diversity. This nature series explores and links a deep-rooted consciousness between man and nature in places where the sell-out of this heritage has not yet taken place. The result is a poetic filmic journey. Without Balkan clichés, without war, without religious differences. Because nature knows no borders.

Director: Jeremy JP Fekete

52 Min.
SUB: German
Director: Jeremy JP Fekete
Script: Jeremy JP Fekete
Cinematography: Jeremy JP Fekete / Torben Müller
Editing: Christian R. Timmann
Music: Lutz Boddenberg
Narrator: Constantin von Westphalen
Editor: ZDF/arte
Producer: Vincent Productions GmbH
Website URL: https://jeremyfekete.com/portfolio/raue-welten-wilde-schoenheiten/