The Custodians of Dolphins


Over 30 species of whales and dolphins, one-third of all species, have been recorded in Taiwan. Some of these cetaceans migrate like birds and others stay year-round. Some dolphins’ preference for coastal habitats put them in historical conflict with mankind.

How have the three representative dolphins of Taiwan fared? This film follows three cetacean researchers as they work to answer this question.

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Director: Yu-Chun Chien

Yu-Chun Chien is a Taiwanese indpendent producer, TV program director, screenwriter and cinematographer. He is increasingly concerned with ecological environment changes and the conservation of the ocean and its marine life. His works has won awards at domestic and foreign festivals.

48 Min.
Chinese (Traditional)
SUB: English
Director: Yu-Chun Chien
Cinematography: Yu-Chun Chien
Editing: Yu-Chun Chien
Music: Ying-Zhi Chen, Chao-Yung Sung
Narrator: Scudder Smith
Editor: Southern Wave Cultural Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Producer: Public Television Service Foundation
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