The farmer who listens to the grass grow

The farmer who listens to the grass grow

Michael Simmel is organic farmer with heart and soul. His farm in the Bavarian Forest region despite its bad ground conditions and a measly 18 hectares yields so much that he and his family can live extremely well from it. Simmel uses traditional agricultural knowledge which has been lost through time and the introduction of conventional agriculture and not until now can it find its way back into the minds of the farmers. How he does it, he tells us generously.


Director: Bertram Verhaag

Bertram Verhaag, born 1944 in Sosnowitz, Upper Silesia studied sociology and economics.
Three years of freelance work in a department for urban development.
1972-75 University of Television and Film, Munich (HFF München)
1976 foundation of DENKmalFilm Productions with Claus Strigel. More than 90 films for cinema and television arose from their cooperation as producers, writers and directors.

45 Min.
Director: Bertram Verhaag
Script: Bertram Verhaag
Cinematography: Waldemar Hauschild
Editing: Verena Schönauer
Editor: Johannes Pechthold
Awards: Best ecological Film 2010
Nominations: Best ecological Film 2010
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