Unsere Meere - Naturwunder Nordsee

The North Sea and the Baltic Sea seem familiar to us, but they have by no means revealed all their secrets. In the depths between the fjords of Norway and the Wadden Sea, between the Shetland Islands and Normandy, dramas play out both on a large and a small scale. We witness at first hand when orcas hunt grey seals and a small catshark encounters its worst enemy. We watch the graceful wedding dance of seahorses and the bloody fights of male seals.


Director: Thomas Behrend

Thomas Behrend, a German documentary film maker born in Hamburg, is well-known for his unique under water shots. While studying mechanical engineering the enthusiastic sports diver gathered his first experiences in underwater photography. In 1988 he got his first assignment for a film production. After finishing university he dedicated himself to his passion. In 1991 he founded his own company: BLUE PLANET FILM. From that time on Thomas Behrend produced many international award-winning nature films.

44 Min.
Director: Thomas Behrend
Script: Thomas Behrend
Cinematography: Martina Andrés, Thomas Behrend, Manuel Spescha
Editing: Martina Andrés, Josh Miller
Music: Oliver Heuss
Narrator: Axel Milberg
Editor: Ralf Quibeldey, NDR; Kathrin Bronnert, NDR/ARTE; Klaus Kunde-Neimöth, WDR; Andrea Gastgeb, Terra Mater Factual Studios
Producer: Tom Synnatzschke, Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm
Website URL: www.doclights.de