Weserbergland - Mountains and Fairy-Tales

In the south of the north there lies a wonderful part of Germany: Weserbergland. Wild ponies wander through clear woods, kingfishers dive for fish in crystal clear stream and baby foxes play undisturbed on in front of their den at the edge of a pasture valley. The Weserbergland is one of the most beautiful nature regions in North Germany. Hardly anybody knows this part of the country like then nautre photographer Jürgen Borris. Together with him the film goes on a journey of discovery through a year in the wild heart of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony).


Director: Hans-Peter Kuttler

Director: Ernst Sasse

44 Min.
Director: Hans-Peter Kuttler, Ernst Sasse
Script: Hans-Peter Kuttler, Ernst Sasse
Cinematography: Hans-Peter Kuttler, Ernst Sasse
Editing: Katrin Dücker
Narrator: Hans-Peter Bögel
Editor: Wolf Lengwenus (NDR), Jörn Röver (NDR Naturfilm)
Website URL: www.studio-hamburg.de