Metropolen in Bewegung

How can our cities become more livable? How can the air become cleaner? How can cities create space for a growing population? Urban planners and politicians around the world are asking themselves all these questions. And they are converting their cities: Paris and Barcelona are closing entire neighborhoods to car traffic, Copenhagen is building bicycle expressways, and Berlin is building a model city in Tegel. The documentary shows examples of a successful traffic transition in our cities




Director: Johan von Mirbach

Johan von Mirbach studied regional science Latin America in Cologne and Buenos Aires. After completing his studies in 2006 with a diploma, he volunteered for the television production company sagamedia. In 2010 he received a scholarship from the Heinz Kühn Foundation and did research in Ghana on the topic of world trade. In 2012 he started his own business. Since then he has worked internationally as a director and author for various broadcasters and has received several awards. Johan von Mirbach is also in front of the camera as a reporter and moderator

51 Min.
Director: Johan von Mirbach
Script: Johan von Mirbach
Cinematography: Frank Kranstedt, Chris Rowe, Greg Somerville, Tiphen Isemene
Editing: Nico Schlegel
Music: Hans Engel
Narrator: Sonja Szylowicki
Editor: Kathrin Bronnert (NDR)
Producer: Thurnfilm
Nominations: Best Postproduction 2022