Wild Australia - The Adventure

To capture Australia’s animal kingdom from desert to forests, mountains

to coral reefs on film is a monumental task. German camera

teams have attempted just that. Part 5 shows challenges and adventures

the teams had to cope with.


Director: Heiko De Groot

Heiko De Grootis stimulated about the personal stories of the people. To seize, how they control their lives and often promote for the survival of the animals, that is his passion. As televisionauther was he shooting among others " die 360° GEO Reportagen "Alligator in Florida" and "Die besten Hütehund von Wales". Besides that he realized eight series of the ARD-series "Wolf, Bär & Co." Since 1990 the 38 year old (1971) is working, studied german philology and political scientist in the media. His career began as a editor and speaker in the "Hörfunknachrichten". Since he was a voluntary helper at the NDR, is he working almost exclusive as a televisionauther.

43 Min.
Director: Heiko De Groot
Script: Heiko De Groot
Cinematography: Thoralf Grospitz, Jens Westphalen, Klaus Weißmann, Rolf Sziringer, Julian Ringer, Valentin Hoepfner
Editing: Karen Tonne
Music: Klaus Hillebrecht, Oliver Heuss
Narrator: Martin Umbach
Editor: M. Schäfer (NDR/ARTE), W. Lengwenus (NDR), A. Gastgeb (Terra Mater)
Website URL: www.doclights.de