Wild Faces of the Andes

The team Arendt/Schweiger takes us again to very close animal experiences. Shy Turkeys, dancing Prairie Chickens, nocturnal visitors in the camp. The wild nature of the prairie, next to the highway.

Director: Hans Schweiger

Hans Schweiger was born on 12.1.1949 in Füssen. He was an enthusiastic hobby photographer already at school. After finishing school, he worked as a camera assistant, working up to cameraman for documentary films. At the same time he studied Zoology for a few years at the university of Munich.

Director: Ernst Arendt

Ernst Arendt was born in Freiburg in Breisgau on 6.1.1949. After school, he trained in the Natural History Museum of Kassel as a zoological taxidermist. In 1967 he directed his first film about the musk ox.

43 Min.
Director: Hans Schweiger, Ernst Arendt
Script: Ernst Arendt, Hans Schweiger
Cinematography: Hans Schweiger
Editing: Ernst Arendt, Hans Schweiger
Music: Gerhard Bickl
Narrator: Ernst Arendt
Editor: Udo A. Zimmermann (ZDF)