Wild Nairobi - Where Leopards Creep Through Gardens

The Kenyan capital of Nairobi combines opposites.This is where wilderness and civilization meet:near the city limits only a fence marks the edge of the park where wild animals roam through the grass.


Director: Udo Maurer

Udo Maurer, born 1960. 1980 Studies at the University of Film & Television.1986 Fullbright Scholarship in LA and Internship with John Bailey, ASC. 1988 until 1994 camera work in the field of motion picture, commercial and documentary film in Austria, USA and Turkey. 1998 in charge of cinematography in Michael Glawogger's "France, Here We Come!". Since 1994 director and cinematographer with internationally successful TV-documentaries. "Über Wasser" (i.e. On Water) is his first full-length documentary for cinema.

50 Min.
Director: Udo Maurer
Script: Manfred Christ
Cinematography: Udo Maurer
Editing: Jörg Achatz
Music: Andy Baum
Narrator: Peter Matic
Editor: Andrew Solomon