Wild sprouts - About gardenpirats and herbagewitches

Marianne Frielingsdorf has got more than 600 different herbs in her garden. Kezban Basol’s family is devoted to their vegetables. And a group of guerilla gardeners places seed bombs all across the city


Director: Christian Pietscher

After studying theology 1984, after a vicariate and working in public relations for the Evangelical Church in Germany, he studied journalism from1995. 1998 he first worked as a television editor and journalist with Gruner + Jahr Funk und Fernsehproduktions GmbH Hamburg before becoming managing editor of the TV magazine BIZZ with PRO7 for two years. Since 2002 he is a freelance writer, journalist, director and presenter.

29 Min.
Director: Christian Pietscher
Script: Christian Pietscher
Cinematography: Benedikt Ahrens
Editing: Delia Emke und Kerstin Richter
Narrator: Christian Pietscher
Editor: Dorothee Pitz
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2012