With Wolves under one blanket

In the third part of the series "Mit Wölfen unter einer Decke" (i.e. Collaborating with Wolves) a pack of wolves is brought together: the fence between the four pups Tatonga, Nanuk, Yukon and Geronimo on one side and the two pups Apache und Cherokee on the other is opened. Nobody knows what will happen. Until now, Aragorn, Kaspar and Shima had only visited the young wolves. But how will they react if they must share their territory with the six young rowdies permanently in a unified pack? Who will become leader of the pack?

Director: Barbara Fally-Puskás

Since 1986, Barbara Fally-Puskás worked as a freelancer in the programme promotion of ORF. In 1990 she began studying landscape ecology. From 1991 she contributed to several ORF-productions as assistant director. From 1994-1996 she was a freelancer at Confetti TiVi.
Aside from starting a course in advanced Latin American studies, she initiated a cooperation with director Harald Pokieser in 1996 and worked as head author and director in several ORF-series.

48 Min.
Director: Barbara Fally-Puskás
Script: Barbara Fally-Puskás
Cinematography: Ferdinand Cibulka
Editing: Jörg Achatz
Music: Mischa Krausz
Narrator: Oliver Baier, Angelika Lang
Editor: Walter Köhler