One Degree Matters

One Degree matters has been dubbed An Inconvenient Truth, Part 2" by The New York Times.

Presenting the latest science on climate change, this is an informative and inspirational documentary which offers realistic solutions and gives the reality of global warming a human face, showcasing amazing examples of individuals and communities tackling the world's environmental problems.

The film takes its lead from an exclusive group of influential international leaders as they travel to the Arctic to witness climate change first hand. During the course of the journey, they show the path needed for action and present how it is possible to implement new and sustainable solutions, taking examples from their own fields of endeavor in energy, agriculture, education, finance, technology, human population, deforestation and legislation. The film introduces stories and protagonists from all over the world, including Germany, UK, Italy, Denmark, Costa Rica, USA and Taiwan.

One Degree Matters traces the impact of temperature increases, measuring the slippage of the Greenland ice cap into the Arctic Ocean. The film takes its title from the fact that every degree increase in temperature matters, as we have already reached the limit of temperature change observed over the past 10,000 years in which today's civilization has developed.


Director: Eskil Hardt

Eskil Hardt, 41 years, has over the past 16 years developed, produced and directed creative documentaries, documentaries, Reality shows, TV-series and corporate films for several companies. Most of these projects have brought Ace & Ace to demanding locations, thus giving a thorough experience in taking precise decisions regarding the production in critical situations. "Anything is possible" is a motto that Ace & Ace still believe in. They have especially focused on the storytelling and a strong visual style, making the subject matter exciting for an audience that does not necessarily take a special interest in it to begin with. Eskil Hardt has additionally worked as sub-contractor for American production companies in the production and the directing of programs, events and Reality programs for TV-channels like CNBC on their series "Responsible businesses", for ESPN Sports channel on "World Cup in Alpine Skiing", for Spike TV on "Ultimate Boys Vacation" - a Reality Show under MTV Networks and for BBC World.

60 Min.
Director: Eskil Hardt
Cinematography: Eskil Hardt, Esben Hardt, Finn Noer
Editing: Adrian Beard
Narrator: Richard Derrington
Editor: Eskil Hardt
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