360° GEO Report Creekwalker

Stan Hutchings has been walking creeks along the coast of B.C. in Canada for 40 years. No one knows the Great Bear Rainforest as well as he does. His passion and his calling are salmon, the fish at the very center of the costal ecosystem.


Director: Rosie Koch

Rosie Koch was born in Balingen and studied biology. During a traineeship in Kudwigsburg she learned AVID cut, camera work and photo editing. While working on her thesis, in St. Louis, USA, about desert mole rats in Kenia she single-handedly made several short animal documentaries - some of them award winning.
Another traineeship at Story House Productions in Berlin was followed by a 3-years employment at Marco Polo Film in Heidelberg as researcher and author. In 2010 she foundet her own nature film production Nona Naturedocx.
She lives and works as freelance nature film author and producer in Berlin.

Germany Canada
52 Min.
Director: Rosie Koch
Script: Rosie Koch
Cinematography: Roland Gockel
Editing: Marc Accensi
Music: Markus Wegmann
Narrator: Dietmar Wunder
Editor: Antoinette Koering (Arte)
Producer: Theodor Baltz Medienkontor
Website URL: www.medienkontor.de