360° GEO Report: Vietnam, the fate of the moon bears

Vietnam, the fate of the moon bears

Moon bear - that's how the Asiatic black bear is often named due to its bright fur crescent in the middle of his chest. The animal's bile is a popular remedy in Asian medicine. Therefore in Vietnam they are caught, penned in tiny cages and tortured.

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Director: Therese Engels

*AHS Matura Khevenhüllerschule Linz (A), 1991
*Studium der Sozialarbeit und Sozialpädagogik in Linz (A) und Berlin (D) 1991-1994
*Aufenthalt in NY/USA, Studium (American Film and Literature), College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale 1995
Seit 1997 als Fernsehjournalistin in Berlin und Wien tätig

Germany Vietnam
52 Min.
Director: Therese Engels
Script: Therese Engels
Cinematography: John Toft
Editing: John Toft
Music: Markus Wegmann
Narrator: Max Volkert Martens
Editor: Antoinette Koering ( Arte)
Producer: Theodor Baltz ( Medienkontor Movie GmbH)
Nominations: GREEN REPORT 2017
Website URL: www.medienkontor.de