+/- 5 meters

Joe Bunni, diving photographer, travels the seas all over the globe to photograph life at +- 5 meters from the surface.Between air and water: this space gathers an extraordinary life. This dimension also helps measuring the effects.


Director: Dominique Hennequin

Director and producer Dominique Hennequin is also a journalist, and has worked for ten years with French channel TF1. Anxious to work on longer formats, he has been making TV reports for news magazines, before writing and directing documentaries broadcast on the main French and European channels (ARTE, France Televisions, TV5 Monde, Public Senat, etc).

Iraq, Africa, South Korea, Indonesia and many other places, Dominique Hennequin has been shooting all around the world, always favoring the human aspect in his films. A nature enthusiast and involved in environmental matters, he has been directing several documentaries (among which some were selected and awarded at various film festivals). Producer for NOMADES TV, he has been making numerous documentaries regarding current events, history, heritage, art and nature.

He has developed an institutional activity in which he used his experience as a journalist for the good of local authorities and companies. Recently, he has set up a team focused on crossmedia projects and on making webdocumentaries and dedicated platforms.
Dominique Hennequin is married and a father of three.

90 Min.
Director: Dominique Hennequin
Script: Dominique Hennequin
Cinematography: Pascal Lorent, Christophe Resse, Thierry Simonet
Editing: Alain Ries
Music: Ludovic Sagnier
Narrator: Xavier Boulanger, Nicolas Mossard
Editor: Marita Hübinger
Producer: Nomades TV