Adventure ocean – among white sharks

The white shark. Denouced as a „Killer“ and presented in the media as a „bloodthirsty beast“: Underwater filmmaker Thomas Behrend and his team are looking into the secrets of the big white near Southafrica. He dives into the world of the predator and explores its hunting behavior. Bit by bit we get closer to the real nature of the shark and the flm abandons the prejudice of the bloodthirsty killers.


Director: Andreas Ewels

Andreas Ewels was born in 1969 in Münster. After an apprenticeship and studies he worked for the WDR, Stern TV, Focus TV, ZDF and ARD. The journalist produced over 200 documentaries in 18 years for TV dealing mostly with nature and environmental issues.

43 Min.
Director: Andreas Ewels
Cinematography: Thomas Behrend, Roland Gockel, Christina Karliczek
Editing: Jan Schulz
Music: Lars Jebsen, Felix Halbe
Narrator: Stephan Brenson
Editor: Jörn Röver, NDR
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