An den Ufern der Lippe

Fluss mit vielen Gesichtern

Neither Nile nor Amazon, the German river Lippe with its 220 kms might not be the greatest of all rivers. It flows right though North Rhine-Westphalia, is surprisingly beautiful and teeming with life, full of rare species and natural beauty.


Director: Ulf Marquardt

Ulf Marquardt (born 1964) has been working as author, director, cinematographer and producer since 1991. After completing his studies and a traineeship at a radio station, he soon transferred to television and worked on numerous magazine features, science programmes, reports and other documentaries for ARD, ZDF and Arte. Also, he wrote gags for the „Harald Schmidt Show“ and for „RTL Samstagnacht“ (corresponds to Saturday Night Live); he drew up articles for magazines and newspapers; he was the editor-in-chief of a computer game magazine and produced radio features, just to name a few activities. 2006 saw the premiere of the first film in which he was his own cinematographer, a 30 minute report about ghost nets in the deep sea. In his most recent productions, he even took on the role of underwater cameraman himself. Ulf Marquardt is married, has two children and lives near Cologne.

45 Min.
Director: Ulf Marquardt
Cinematography: Ulf Marquardt
Editing: Marcel Buckan
Music: Stefan Döring
Narrator: Philipp Schepmann
Editor: Klaus Kunde-Neimöth
Producer: Eine Marquardt Medienproduktion im Auftrag des WDR
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