Alexander Gerst auf Expedition - In der Tiefe des Atlantiks

Alexander Gerst dives into the underwater world off the Azores: Together with marine biologist Antje Boetius he follows routes of whales and embarks on an expedition into the depth of the ocean at 1000 meters below the surface. Perpetual darkness, cold, extreme pressure: On board a research submersible, they explore hidden coral reefs, bioluminescent creatures and a submarine wreck that has turned into a teeming habitat. A journey into one of the last great wilderness areas of the world that must be protected for future generations.

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Director: Lars Abromeit

LARS ABROMEIT, born in Berlin in 1974, reports on adventures in research: He studied law and biology and attended the Henri Nannen School of Journalism in Hamburg and the International Film School in Cologne. In 2002, he began working as an editor and reporter for GEO, where he has headed the "Adventures and Expeditions" section since 2006. He has published five non-fiction books and made his first major TV documentaries with the ARD series "Alexander Gerst on Expedition" (2020-22).

45 Min.
Director: Lars Abromeit
Script: Lars Abromeit
Cinematography: Jonas Sichert, Nuno Sá
Editing: Jonas Sichert
Music: Jens Hafemann
Narrator: Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
Editor: Susanne Gebhardt, Anne Holländer, Christine Seidemann
Producer: Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion
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