American Ocelot

American Ocelot tells the story of one of the most endangered and beautiful wild cats in the United States. With fewer than 100 remaining in the US, the ocelot is genetically isolated and only exists in Texas. With many factors acting against them, there is still hope for their survival… if opposing parties can come to an agreement on their management methods.


Director: Ben Masters

Ben Masters is a filmmaker and writer specializing in wildlife and adventure stories. He is most known for directing the feature length-documentary The River and The Wall (SXSW 2019 Award Winner) and for producing Unbranded (Mountainfilm 2015 Audience Award Winner). Masters studied wildlife biology at Texas A&M University and founded Fin and Fur Films in 2015. He is the author of two books published by Texas A&M University Press and has written for National Geographic and Western Horseman. A proud Texan, Masters loves riding a good horse through new country, filming wildlife stories that haven’t been documented before, and using movies to help conserve wildlife and wild places.

United States
33 Min.
Director: Ben Masters
Editing: Shannon Vandivier
Producer: Katy Baldock