Arctic Blue - Power game in melting ice

The Arctic ice is melting. Here, climate change is progressing faster than anywhere else putting the Arctic at the center of world politics. Littoral states and world powers are fighting for influence. At the center of their interest: access to mineral resources and new transport routes because the melting ice is opening up new and shorter shipping routes. Is a new conflict looming at the North Pole? Johannes Hano travels to the Arctic states under difficult conditions and experiences the harsh nature of the North. 


Director: Johannes Hano

Germany United States Canada Russia Greenland Norway
45 Min.
Director: Johannes Hano
Script: Johannes Hano
Cinematography: Brian Dentz, Toby Marshall
Editing: Leonhard Lierzer
Narrator: Johannes Hano (ZDF)
Editor: Hilde Buder-Monath, Markus Wenniges (ZDF)
Producer: Petra Stumpf (ZDF)
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