Auf dem Trockenen

Wie Großkonzerne unsere Wasserressourcen ausbeuten

There is a drought in Europe. With drastic consequences for agriculture, forests and our lives. One cause is climate change - but to a large extent this catastrophe is also homemade. The film shows how bad decisions and economic constraints are responsible for the drying out of our soils and how international corporations exploit the blue gold - and why water is becoming scarce in the affected regions.

Director: Jörg Daniel Hissen

BIOGRAPHY: Jörg Daniel Hissen

27.12.1964 Born in Heidelberg / Germany
1982 High School in Portland, Oregon USA
1984 German Abitur (High School Diploma) in Heidelberg, Germany
1984 Spanish classes at Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
1984-85 Classes in French at University Sorbonne in Paris
1985 Photography assistent in Copenhagen, Danmark
1986-92 University of Hamburg, Germany, studies in political science
1990-96 Hochschule für bildende Künste (University of Fine Arts) Hamburg
Studies in Documentary Film
2000 Co-Founder of ParkFilm, Hamburg
2005 Founder of Riverside Film Hamburg

Germany France
52 Min.
Director: Jörg Daniel Hissen
Script: Robert Schmidt , Alexander Abdelilah, Jörg Daniel Hissen
Cinematography: Paul Pflüger, Robert Engelke, Erik Hartung, Torben Müller
Editing: Torsten Truscheit
Music: David Ansalem, Victor Pierre, Bea Müller
Narrator: Carsten Krabbe
Editor: Miriam Carbe ZDF-Arte/Aktuelles
Producer: Christian Drewing/Eikon Media GmbH
Nominations: GREEN REPORT 2022