Bats - Sovereigns of the Night

Bats – they’re not exactly the cute, furry animals that most people think of cuddling. Some find them scary. Some find them repulsive. Some are even terrified of these nocturnal beasts.

Director: Dietmar Nill

In 2005, the animal photographer Dietmar Nill started working on nature documentaries. For his first camera work on ‘Bats – wait until dark’ he and Volker Arzt received a camera award and the Heinz Sielmann Award at international animal and nature film festivals. He is specifically adept at filming raptors and bats. He has once again teamed up with Klaus Weissmann for the production of ‘Return of the Peregrine Falcon’ and ‘The Journey of the Snow Owls’.

44 Min.
Director: Dietmar Nill
Script: Volker Arzt, Karlheinz Baumann
Cinematography: Dietmar Nill, Brian McClatchy
Editing: Harald E. Hohmann, Brian McClatchy
Music: Jörg Magnus Pfeil
Narrator: Hans-Peter Bögel
Editor: Gabriele Conze/ WDR
Awards: Best Sounddesign 2012,
Heinz Sielmann Film Award 2012
Nominations: Best Sounddesign 2012,
Heinz Sielmann Film Award 2012